Dust control systems are a vital part of protecting employees and providing a cleaner environment. These systems are used to keep airborne dust particles from polluting the air and from being inhaled by employees on the job. Dust created from road construction, building demolition and coal mining is harmful to the human respiratory system. Loading chutes like the ones HENNLICH ENGINEERING produce are designed to contain the bulk solids and the dust particles they produce, safely removing them from the job site and reducing the health risk to all employees.

Dust control systems mainly come in two different types, the dry collection and the wet suppression method. Coal mines, steel mills, railroads and construction companies utilize these systems because of the significant benefits they provide. Dust control systems prevent unpleasant odors, reduce the risk of fire, reduce overall cleaning costs and provide companies many other health benefits. In addition to producing the loading chutes, HENNLICH ENGINEERING also makes filters that help with controlling the dust, and creating a more pleasant work environment for employees in silos and plants.

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