One of the main reasons why dust collector systems have been developed is to deal with the excessive amounts of dust that are generated from constructions works. Even a relatively small construction project will generate a lot of dust, let alone when the venture is a large scale one. The dust that starts to emerge in the area and in the air is not only bad for the environment, but also for people's health. So it is very important that construction dust control is taken seriously as various drawbacks and repercussions can arise from it. At Hennlich Engineering you will be able to find a nice range of dust control systems that will help you prevent these problems, especially when it comes to construction dust control.

construction dust control


How to choose construction dust control systems:


The main types of dust collector systems that are used include the industrial and the local dust collectors. The latter are smaller than the former, but they are still quite effective for construction works.

The high performance modular dust collectors that we have are not only effective but also very easy to maintain. They have either local or central filtration and it is very easy to check, clean and replace the filter cartridges whenever you need.

Besides taking into account the flow rate, and the filter area, it is also important to consider the material of the filter element and the temperature resistance. The dedusting lines of industrial dust collectors also vary in terms of the number of cartridges, the flow rate and the filter area. If you do not have much technical knowhow in this regard you do not have to worry as our professional sales personnel will be able to guide you to choose the dust collector system that is most suitable for you and the types of operations you generate dust from.