Dust collectors are the most obvious choice for industries and business operations where a considerable amount of dust gets generated. if the dust is allowed to remain there, various problems can arise. In most cases it is also quite difficult and time consuming to try and clean up the large amounts of dust that gets generated. Other related processes where dust collection is required include the removal of granular solid pollutants from gases or process systems. These are some of the reasons why dust collectors are required.

dust collectors

Purchasing a dust collection system:

At Hennlich Engineering we offer a wide range of dust collection systems as we understand that different clients and their respective needs will vary. The range include Silo top collectors, Local dust collectors and Industrial dust collectors.

The choice will depend on where the dust collector will be used. Large industrial areas will generate huge amounts of dust, and so the bigger and more powerful industrial dust collectors will be required. This type of dust collection system is similar to the other types, but more powerful. In fact the dust suppression will be more concentrated in this type of dust collection system.

The Local dust collectors are quite popular as they strike a good balance between the other two, both in terms of size, power and prices. Our models of local dust collectors are made in vertical box shapes, but horizontal shaped ones can also be manufactured if required. The filter cartridges are of a good quality and they can be replaced and maintained very easily.

The smaller silo top collectors are popular as they are compact yet very efficient to dedust silos, bunkers and containers. 

Regardless of the type of dust collection system you opt for we can guarantee top quality products, great prices and professional assistance and support.