Just like most other products, there are several sellers on the market who try to compete to gain as big a market share as possible. At Hennlich Engineering we pride ourselves for being leaders in dust collectors, fog cannons and loading spouts. So if you are thinking of buying any one of these machines, you need look no further as we can guarantee that we have what you need, at a highly competitive price. Besides all our machines come with a guarantee as we believe in the superior quality of our products.

Dust Collector manufacturers


The Best from all the Dust Collector manufacturers:


Right now you are probably browsing through our website after having looked up several other dust collector manufacturers online. So, the main question on your mind is, which manufacturer is the best? Who will be able to offer me the best quality at a good price that is within my budget? The answer is that our company can guarantee that you will be satisfied, just as several other clients before you were.

We are not saying this just as a way of promoting our company. We back up these statements by the fact that we have been operating since 1991, and we are truly leaders in this market because we have served thousands of clients throughout these years. Our clients' testimonials and loyalty are also a measure of our good reputation.

We also claim to be the best out of the other dust collector manufacturers because we offer a range of dust collector systems. Besides the industrial range, we also cater for those clients who do not need a large dust collector. That is why we offer local dust collectors as well as silo top collectors. All our dust collectors operate efficiently and are very easy to maintain. We also make it a point to manufacture the dust collectors with the most compact design possible.