Hennlich Engineering is your best option for high quality dust collectors. Whether you need to get rid of the dust that is being generated from construction works, or to remove the dust particles from silos and bunkers, we can help. We specialize in different types of dust collectors and you can put your mind at rest that you will be purchasing a high quality machine that works efficiently and is easy to maintain.

Dust Collector system


Choosing the right dust collector system:


If you do not have much knowledge about the way a dust collector system works, you may feel at a loss which one to choose. Dust collectors are the most common dusting devices on the market, and the way they operate is quite simple. In essence, it can be compared to a vacuum cleaner, in that it has a fan that creates a suction. This system works in such a way that the dusty and dirty air is pulled, and passed through a sort of ductwork system until it ends up in the dust collector.

This procedure is the foundation of all dust collector systems, be they local and industrial. The former are smaller than the latter, but they still work on the same foundation. The main difference is in their size and power. 

Dust collectors are used in various industries and settings. Common areas include silos, mines, quarries, building industries, foundries, grinding mills, glass plants, wood processing and coal handling industries. Our experienced staff will be able to outline the types of dust collectors we offer, and their capabilities. These will be discussed in line with the client's needs and the place where the dust collector is going to be used in. All our dust collectors are advanced from a technological and operational point of view. They are also very efficient and easy to clean and maintain.