Dust Suppressants

Dust sometimes may be overwhelming thereby making dust suppression necessary. This is mainly necessary in storage plants and manufacturing industries. Dust suppressants serve to change the soil's surface physical properties so as to ensure fine particles are not airborne. There are numerous types of chemicals used in dust suppression. Water is the most common while salts, asphalt emulsions, synthetic polymers, vegetable oils, wood chips, molasses or mulches also come in handy. Deciding on the appropriate chemical however is key to averting a disaster. There is a host of applications for dust suppressants such as high traffic areas, stock piles, conveyor systems and haul roads dust suppression just to name but a few.

Factors to consider when choosing dust suppressants

Unfortunately, there is no one solution for all environments and situations. Choices will be made based on the type of material putting into consideration its properties, location, how dust is being generated, the impact of the suppressant on that environment, weather conditions and finally the set out health and safety regulations. The government has set out rules to be adhered to during suppression of dust in any given environment. Other factors to be considered include the overall cost of the suppressant coupled with all other associated costs, labor, equipments and ease of application. Choose a reputable supplier and consultants for your dust emissions or suppression exercises.

These suppressants have a wide range of applications. They are mainly used in cement plants, coal powder stations, lime operations, heating plants and quarries. They are also used in heating plants, chemical factories, building companies and food processing plants. They make the work environment dust-free for the safety of workers as well as the products. They can also be used on haul roads or on open piles of bulk solids. Basically, dust suppressants can be applied in any work environment that has dust.

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