Dust Suppression: Where it can be Used and its Importance to the Workplace

In all sorts of places, it is important to keep things tidy and in place. And one of the important things to consider is dust suppression. Dust messes up the workplace. It damages products and does a lot of things workers don't like. So how significant is dust suppression in your workplace? Below are some of the instances where dust suppression is very useful in your workplace.


In work locations such as construction and demolition sites, it is very important to keep away dust in the workplace. Dust suppressing cannons; also known as fog guns, fog cannons, dust fighter or emission control units are used to suppress dust around dumps and earth roads. How does it work? Water that is pressurized goes through the jet nozzles which then turn the water to a fine mist. This mist then mixes in with the dust thus preventing the dust from spreading around the work area.


In certain industrial plants, suppression of dust is also very important. Dust guns are then installed in areas where specific industrial materials are unloaded which then release the mist that suppresses the dust. In these particular areas, the dust suppression machine is often controlled by a computer. This advanced technology is very much needed in areas like industrial plants as to not increase moisture to the material being unloaded. Demineralized water or cooling water is also considered as the best misting medium for this area.

Waste dumps and sewage plants

Work areas such as sewage plants and waste dumps need dust suppressing machines so that the odor produced by the accumulation of these sewage waste and garbage is controlled on the work site.

Golf courses and gardens

Dust suppression is also important in places like golf courses and gardens as to maintain the moisture of plants especially in gardens where plants need a humid and moist environment for it to grow well.

So whether it would be in the industrial areas, construction areas, and waste plants or in the garden, this type of machine is very important as it plays a significant role in suppressing dust from these places.

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