Facts about dedusting

Dedusting (also known as aspirating) is a process that mainly involves using screening and other pneumatic means to remove fine impurities such as dust. Dedusting and fume extraction systems are installed in order to capture fugitive fumes and dust emitted in furnaces, during various processes, and during handling of materials.

Dedusting systems are usually custom made according to a specific project and design. However, they mainly consist of butterfly dampers (both automatic and manual), elaborate duct work at appropriate locations, suction hoods at fume/dust generating points, casing entry, a modular, offline, a centrifugal ID fan, pulsejet bag filter, and a self supported stack.

Other dedusting concepts and technical solutions include:

  • Electric filters
  • Hose filters
  • Bag and sack fillers
  • Residual substance conveyors
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Sealing organs

Advantages of installing dedusting systems.

Dedusting helps increase the service life and also reduces wear of equipment.
Dust control systems improve working conditions hence protecting the health of employees.
Helps reduce clogging and binding of bags since there is no formation of dust cake.
The air velocity is optimally designed to ensure that dust and fumes are not deposited in the ducts.
Dedusting ensures safe operation.

The smooth running of screw conveyors and rotary air-lock valves is ensured. Minimal power consumption.

Minimum downtown. Improving efficiency through installation of dedusting systems requires specialist personnel and usually involves the following elements: Regular inspection and generation of accurate appraisal reports mainly for maintenance of systems. Upkeep and servicing Replacing of spray systems, knocking systems, interior fittings, precipitation systems, knocking systems, rigid emission electrodes, and gas distribution fittings.

Enhancing dust separation through flow optimization, modifying channel spacing, and enlarging the separation area.
Repairing and replacing peripheral plant parts. Repairing and servicing hose filters, hose replacement, dust extractions, and cleaning out systems. Renewing funnels, ducts and housing parts with accessories. Other dedusting jobs and services offered on request.

Environmental protection has become a vital social issue. Dedusting is not only about the corporate image but dust also lowers the quality especially in manufacturing industries.

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