Fog Cannon

When engaging in earthworks, dumps or undertaking large scale material transportation, dust is often a big problem. The invention of the fog cannon was the industrial remedy to the hazards of dust haze, hazards which include temporarily blinding workers, causing lung conditions and generally rendering sites unworkable. 

The fog cannon works through a very simple methodology, namely one of attaching water to the dust particles in order to increase their mass and prevent them from floating upon air currents. Dusthaze down! The benefit of using only water is that no danger is posed to worker health, supply is cheap and easy and no harsh chemicals are put into the environment. Water is simply propelled through nozzles becoming an extremely fine mist, this mist is then scattered across a huge area by an industrial sized fan.

The cannon takes up very little space and provides coverage for a very large area, depending upon the model. The popular models from Hennlich Engineering are the Type 30 with a range of 30 metres and the Type 50 with a 50 metre range. As you can see the fog cannons are able to provide coverage for the largest projects, especially if deployed in tandem or teams. The maneuverability of these units is augmented by the addition of either the three-wheel or car-borne trailers.

The customisation of a fog cannons is of great advantage to operators, whether you undertaking a high risk asbestos job or even working with natural waste their is a setup to suit. The addition of powders to the water supply can provide additional protection against silicates and numerous products can provide protection from biologically hazardous materials. Generic watering tasks for institutions like golf courses are well within the remit of the fog cannons also with the 1000 litre capacity more than upto the task, the aforementioned maneuvrebility gives great advantage over traditional static watering units.

Given the ability of the fog cannon to be useful in so many settings, it is no surprise to see them being proliferated so widely through the industrial spectrum.

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