HENNLICH bulk loading equipment

Bulk materials such as grain, coal, animal feed, building materials, chemicals, and mineral aggregate are frequently loaded at production sites and must be transported by rail, sea or road as mass bulk material. HENNLICH ENGINEERING provides technical bulk loading equipment that is specifically designed and adjusted to the appropriate assembly conditions. Each type of material that needs to be loaded must be considered at the design stage with regard to the product temperature, bulk density and flow behavior.

It is also vital to include the weight, volume control, loading capacity and environmentally safe and dust free operation.

Loading equipment for trucks

Trucks can be loaded in a quick and dust free manner by using HENNLICH ENGINEERING loading spouts. The loading spouts employ the double wall system that separates dust extraction and material flow. The loading spout is connected to a dust collecting system. The material level in the truck is adjusted using the variable lowering level. The loading spout can be moved from side to side in order to conform to the vehicle position.

Tank trucks loading equipment

Hennlich tank trucks loading spout has a central transport and dust extraction system. Any dust removed from the tanker during the loading process is fed back to the material in-feed. The dust is extracted by an exterior fan.

Loading equipment for open wagons

HENNLICH ENGINEERING also provides dust free bulk loading equipment for open wagons. The first step is lowering the loading spout to the base of the wagon and the material feed is subsequently switched on. The loading spout is raised by an automatic filling level monitor as the material accumulated in the wagon. In order to ensure that no dust escapes, the conical valve always remains on top of the material in the entire loading process. On the other hand, the telescoping tubes and extraction bellows are connected to the dust suppression system as the material is fed in by rotating gates or corresponding bulk loading equipment.

Loading equipment for ships

HENNLICH ENGINEERING offers two types of ship loading equipment. Coarse materials are loaded into carriers via a vertical telescoping tube and a conveying system in an efficient and dust-free manner.

Powdered goods such as lumpy ores and clinker are handled by loading machines that are fully enclosed in order to ensure that no dust escapes from the system. The loading machines are connected to filter systems in order to maintain a minimum environmental impact.

HENNLICH ENGINEERING is a leading engineering and manufacturing company of bulk loading equipment. The unsurpassed quality, technical know-how, years of experience, and continuous innovative development ensure high quality service delivery for our customers by using efficient bulk loading equipment.

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