HENNLICH ENGINEERING dust suppression systems

Creating a safe, healthy work environment that promotes productivity should include effective management of dust. The dust produced in various industrial processes is a potential health hazard that can also interfere with smooth operations in the work place. In addition, large amounts of the dust that escape into the environment may be from the bulk material being handled and this can cause huge losses. One way to minimize dust levels in industrial processes is to use a dust suppression system.

The range of dust control and suppression solutions from HENNLICH ENGINEERING includes dust free transportation and storage of bulk material. We create innovative dust suppression systems for different applications in industries such as manufacturing, food processing, quarrying, agriculture, mining, building and construction and many others. 

HENNLICH ENGINEERING creates high quality dust control solutions to meet client specific needs at affordable prices. Our loading chutes are designed to suppress dust and prevent material loss when handling bulk material. The loading chutes comprise of cistern loading chutes truck or wagon chutes and combined loading chutes. This dust suppression system prevents the release of potentially harmful dust in to the environment hence creating a clean, safe environment. The system offers cost savings by reducing material loss by up to 5 percent as well as enabling compliance with safety standards and avoiding fines. 

The other dust suppression system in our product portfolio is the filter units. These systems, which are also known as dedusting devices, can be used in a variety of applications including storage facilities, building and construction, mining, wood and glass processing among many others. The systems are user friendly, with easy installation and maintenance. HENNLICH ENGINEERING also supplies spare parts for dust control systems at competitive prices. Our high pressure misting systems, which are made for installation on conveyor belts and other material transportation systems, suppress dust at points where materials are unloaded. This dust control system uses a minimum amount of water for misting. The water is filtered and does not alter the physical properties of the material being handled. 

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at HENNLICH ENGINEERING. We deliver service according to client expectations and we also offer after-sale services. Our services range from delivery to the client, basic to elaborate installation of the systems and a round the clock customer support to handle queries and assist with the system installation. Our systems are offered with a two-year guarantee.

For more information about our products please contact: Jan Petruzalek, petruzalek@hennlich.cz, +420 416 711 357, +420 606 782 096.