HENNLICH ENGINEERING's bulk loading systems

A company's productivity depends on smooth, safe and efficient loading processes. That is why it is important to choose a reliable bulk loading system. The HENNLICH ENGINEERING and manufacturing division could provide exactly that. The division specializes in the transportation and storage of materials in bulk.

Efficient Design

Arranging the layout of the bulk loading system could be complicated because there are plenty of factors to consider, such as the manufacturing process itself, and the material to be transported. HENNLICH has expert consultants that could be relied on to come up with the best layout for your needs. A loading systems specialist would work hand in hand with the client to create custom solutions and optimal loading systems.

Comprehensive Solutions

While HENNLICH’s main product line is loading chutes, they also engineer and manufacturer various bulk loading system components such as belt conveyors and pipe conveyors. This means that whatever the loading system needs may be, HENNLICH ENGINEERING could design and engineer the setup, and provide the equipment necessary. They would deliver and install the system within the established time frame too.

Constant Innovation

In logistics, innovation is important, so HENNLICH is always on the lookout for new technology. They aim to develop loading systems that are better than ever. One of their areas of specialization is dust control. Not only is dust harmful, it could also hamper operations, and negatively affect overall product quality. HENNLICH developed various effective dust control solutions such as their efficient loading spouts, fog cannons and the use of food polymers for dust suppression.

Quality Installation

Every aspect of the installation of the bulk loading system would be performed with the client’s satisfaction in mind. The company also offers a guarantee as well as after sales support. They would ensure that after the installation, you would be able to make full use out of your investment.

Numerous Applications

HENNLICH has worked with countless industries such as the cement factories, coal power stations, fertilizer manufacturers, chemical factories and food processing plants. Whatever the load-out application or the industry, they could develop the appropriate bulk loading system solutions.

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