Loading bellows as effective dust control measures while loading dry materials

A great amount of dust and debris which is produced in mining and construction sites as well as roads which are not paved can prove to be greatly hazardous to the employees in a site and also to the people in general. More often than not dust produced at these sites is the cause of a number of health hazards in addition to the damages that they cause to the environment. Thus, keeping in view the exceptional cases of health and environmental problems that can be caused by dust; effective dust control systems need to be put in place in such areas so as to check the damage that they cause.

One of the major ways in which dust is produced is when products especially dry materials are loaded in the vehicles meant for transportation. This process actually has two shortcomings one being the loss of material in addition to the huge amount of dust that is added in to the air. In the recent times several kinds of effective dust control measures have been developed in response to the growing concern among people regarding the hazards caused by dust.

One of the most effective means to be developed in recent times to check the emission of dust while loading is the use of loading bellows. Loading chutes or loading bellows as they are more commonly known are among the most eco-friendly solutions that you can find in this field. These loading bellows consist of a spout which has an integral dust collector. They are suitable for a number of products including fly ash, gypsum, rock phosphate, clinker, cement and many others which are usually produced in ports, cement and power plants.

HENNLICH ENGINEERING have actually gone forward and produced 3 different categories of loading bellows so as to benefit the needs of different types of customers which includes:

There are several gains of using loading bellows but the most important is that helps to protect the environment. In addition to this the loading bellows also prevents the chance of mixing together of heavier and lighter materials as also ensure minimum loss of material. The best thing about loading bellows from HENNLICH ENGINEERING is that they come with a two year guarantee period.

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