Hennlich Loading chute

Modern loading chute is very popular these days, and for a very good reason: not only is it very eco-friendly, but it is also very flexible, easy to use, install and maintain in the long run. The chute is designed to comply with the rules and regulations that apply at the moment, and it is always delivered with all the mandatory documentation. There are many manufacturers and distributors of bulk loading chutes available on the market, but it is essential to choose one that provides state-of-the-art chutes at highly convenient prices and that also offers long-term assistance and support. 

HENNLICH ENGINEERING does distrubute such products, and it always delivers high-quality loading chute that can be easily tailored to meet the needs and requirements of every customer. This chute is very versatile and they can be used for trucks, ships, containers or open and closed wagons. In addition to this, it can be easily adjusted and combined with other loading spouts for maximum efficacy. The capacity of the chutes ranges based on their type: while standard ones can handle up to 600-700 cube meters per hours, the bulk loading chutes are designed to handle up to four times more load than the standard ones.These chutes usually come in a sturdy, solid construction given the fact that they are intended for heavy duty tasks, as they are commonly used for shiploading as well as warehousing. High-capacity and user-oriented, the chutes will certainly withstand the test of time! 

The benefits of opting for high quality bulk loading chutes are many: you prevent material loss without impacting the surrounding environment in any way, the chutes are safe to use and they can prevent the formation of dust quickly and efficiently. The installation process is very fast and comprehensive, and customers can also benefit from live support and assistance with the installation. Moreover, all the chutes are covered by a guarantee: this way, you can have them repaired or replaced, should anything happen to them in the near future.

For more information about our products please contact: 
Jan Petruzalek, petruzalek@hennlich.cz, +420 416 711 357.