The benefits of using a loading spout

Clouds of debris and dust are frequently formed when dry materials are loaded in bulk. This does not only cause air pollution to the surrounding environment but also great material loss. In cities and towns, this form of contamination is heavily detested by residents and environmental bodies. For this reason, HENNLICH ENGINEERING manufactures loading spouts to help eliminate the formation of dust clouds, prevent material loss and ensure safety while dealing with bulky solids. Loading chutes offer eco- friendly solution for the benefit of residents and companies.

A loading spout is used for packing bulky materials in railcars, trucks, tank vehicles and ships. Spouts have integral dust collectors and a positioner. It is appropriate for handling a wide variety of powder or granular products like fly ash, clinker, gypsum, cement, rockphospate and others. It is mostly used in power plants, ports and cement plants. Hennlich Company supplies different versions of spouts and with numerous ancillaries that allow them to be well adapted to unique properties of every bulk and dry good.

Since loading spouts are designed to handle granular, dry and powder products, they can be fixed beneath silos or at the furthest end of a conveyor belt or screw conveyor. If necessary it is linked to a dust removal system.

What does HENNLICH offers?

We offer three categories of spouts to meet the needs of different clients. These are:


  • Promotes environmental cleanliness.
  • Enhances safety and hygienic atmosphere.
  • Eliminates loss of material caused by weather conditions.
  • Prevents heavier and lighter materials from mixing together.
  • Ensures all the environmental regulations are met thus avoiding penalties.

Why you should buy a loading spout from HENNLICH?

You will receive a two year guarantee after buying a loading spout from HENNLICH

Installation services are readily available round the clock.

Durable and long lasting products.

Quickly and easily fitted.

Excellent removal of dust because of optimal extraction space.

For more information about our products please contact:
Jan Petruzalek, petruzalek@hennlich.cz, +420 416 711 357, +420 606 782 096.

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