Telescopic loading spout commissioned in Russia

Stockpile loading spout for coal unloading

In December, commissioning was carried out on a HENNLICH telescopic loading spout for stockpile, sold to Irkutskenergo in 2014. 

It was a repeated delivery as the first loading spout has been sold to the customer in 2012.

The Heavy Duty telescopic loading spout has been choosen in respect to the product handled.
It suits the hard operation because of its robustness.
Loading conduit is made of carbon steel tubes, first tube is made of Hardox. On the bottom part there are 4 pcs of tilt switches controlling the continuos lifting of the loading spout. 

This telescopic loading spout could be controlled either locally or remotely from the central controlling room. 


Our experts have run the commissioning as well as the spout testing on the product and the staff training. 

Technical details
Spout type:NZO-0-T-9-3L-VE-4P
Flow rate:1000 t/h
Grain size:up to 300 mm
Electro drive:5,5 kW
Rectracted lenght:4 300 mm
Extended lenght:14 580 mm
Travel:12 280 mm