Air pulse nozzles

Air pulse nozzles
The system of air pulse nozzles efficiently solves problems with non-flowing loose material in storage bunkers and hoppers. 

Air pulse nozzles operating principle
The principle lies in the utilization of the energy of high-pressure bursts of air applied in short impulses. The air pulse nozzle provides the transfer and correct direction of the high-pressure air energy in the storage bunkers technology.
The high-pressure air energy around the pulse nozzle releases sediments of the stored material on the storage bin walls. A proper deployment and sufficient quantity of pulse nozzles releases material in the entire hopper of the storage bunker; the released material freely falls into the hopper opening of the storage bunker where it is taken away by related technology. 

Air pulse nozzles

Storage bunkers and hoppers for coal, fly ash, lime, kaolin, sand and other bulk solids that creates sediments on the internal surface of the bunker walls and thus cause arching in the storage bunker. This system can also be used in difficult loose material routes, such as in the chemical and food-processing industries. 

Air pulse nozzle 


Types of air pulse nozzles
Pulse nozzles are delivered in two versions:
1) type VPV-60 in the size of G1 1/2"
2) type VPV-40 in the size G1"

Both versions are delivered in two material versions: carbon steel or stainless steel. The selection of a suitable type of air pulse nozzle depends namely on the size of the storage bunker or other technology with difficult flow of loose material. The VPV-60 air pulse nozzle can be equipped with a retaining system against a potential entry of a foreign object into the technology. 

Air pulse nozzle

The air pulse nozzle system is divided into three basic parts: 

1) Pulse nozzle set
Contains the pulse nozzle, solenoid high-pulse nozzle, assembly case, flexible supply hose. 

2) High-pressure air distribution
Contains expanded pipeline, connection to the current pressure air, branches to the individual pulse nozzles, settling and ball valves. 

3) Control system
Contains distributor with the control unit, cable bridges and conductors. 

Air pulse nozzle VPV 60

Air pulse nozzle VPV 60 for storage bunkers.

Air pulse nozzle VPV 40

Air pulse nozzle VPV 40 for storage bunkers.