Belt cleaners

Belt cleaners
remove excessive material that sticks to the outer part of the conveyor belt. It saves material.

It is possible to assure maximum effectiveness of a single cleaner by choosing the right model, installation, and maintenance of the cleaning system.

Benefits of using belt cleaners:

  • extension of belt conveyor life related components
  • decrease in product losses
  • decrease in costs related to cleaning of non-scraped material
  • suppression of dust which increases the hygiene of working environment
  • reduces flammability
  • safety risks due to accumulation of material on platforms, service foot-bridges and under conveyors are greatly reduced
  • elimination of problems with belt guiding arising from material accumulation on rollers and pulleys
  • belt degradation caused by material accumulation is greatly decreased
  • almost maintenance-free
  • clean blades with high durability

Belt cleaners can be installed:

  • directly at the pulley
  • under the pulley