Belt cleaners

Typ U

Typ U

Belle Banne scraper, U-type with high efficiency is based on the patented technology.
In contrast to the other scrapers, it consists of a continuous blade made of high-quality hard metal. This blade is placed on flexible holder made of steel and rubber.
This complete part is placed on a robust bow-shaped blade holder.
Universal Belle Banne scraper, U-type, has the following advantages:

  • Blade pressure is the highest in the middle thanks to the lever system and its bow shape. It means right on the spot where the highest output is necessary.
  • simple assembly and adjustment
  • very easy maintenance
  • constant efficiency and very long blade durability

Scraper can be adjusted to the belt conveyor during the whole belt life-time:

  • excellent scraping without any risk of dirtiness sticking
  • high efficiency