Dust Collectors

HENNLICH ENGINEERING manufactures industrial dust collectors for dust control in various applications. Dust collection system improves air-quality and reduces health risk.

We produce low-performance standalone dust collectors for local filtration as well as high-performance modular dust collectors which can be easily combined to form assemblies with the required flowrate.

storage silosbelt conveyor transfer points
mines & quarrieswood processing
building industrycoal handling
steel & slagglass plants
foundriesgrinding mills, polishing shops etc.

residual concentration < 10 mg/m3JET-PULS recovery system
compact and minimal sizescompact design
easy maintenancespare parts on stock


Dust collector is designed with the following parameters:

  • requested flow rate and filter area

  • dust physical properties (abrasive, corrosive, explosive etc.)

  • application type (silo dedusting, local filtration, central dedusting)

  • rest dust manipulation method (rotary feeder, dust collection box, back to silo or belt conveyor etc.)

  • location (inside, outside) and the construction dimensions

  • temperature (ambient, product)


Filtr 1

Silo collector is used for dedusting of storing silos, bunkers or containers.


Local filter units can be used in all area where bulk solids are handled.


Industrial dust collectors are used for local or central filtration in various industry areas.

Spark Trap

Spark trap reliably prevents sparks from entering into the dust collector.

Cyclone dust collector

Cyclone is used for separation of solid fractions from air.