Dust Collectors

Industrial dust collectors

Filtración industrial

Industrial dust collectors create a series of compact, neatly-spaced dust suppression devices.

Modular dust collectors are used for local or central filtration in various industrial areas.

The number of modules depends on the amount of air that needs to be filtered. This also determines the size of the filters surface.

Industrial dust collectors    

The module itself is a box-shaped. The recovery system features an air receiver with pipe lines that are located in the upper part of the box. In the bottom part there is a hopper for dust and a device for the transporting of dust. Dust can be transported into big bags, containers, boxes or back to an operational cycle by a screw conveyor or pneumatic transport.

Dust collection system

Part of the device is a control box that controls the recovery system for the screw conveyor/rotary feeder. The inlet of filtered air into the filter device is in the bottom part of the filter box or in the hopper. The clean air outlet is in the upper part of the filter box and it is connected to a fan by a system of pipes.

TypeFlow rate
Filter area
M1500-1-183 800-5 94095185,5-9,2
M1200-1-245 100-8 2401182411,0-15,0
M2000-1-186 000-8 4001181811,0-18,5
M2000-1-246 000-12 0001582411,0-18,5
M2000-2-3610 000-15 0002363615,0-22,0
M2000-1-2416 6001582437,0
M2000-2-4813 500-21 0003164818,5-37,0
M2000-3-5415 000-23 5003545422,0-37,0
M2000-3-7220 000-31 5004747237,0-55,0
M2000-4-7220 000-31 5004747237,0-55,0
M2000-4-9627 000-42 0006329645,0-75,0