Dust Collectors

Silo collector


Silo dust collector series N is primarily designed for dedusting of pneumatically / mechanically filled silos and bunkers.


Silo dust collector


Others applications

  • conveyor transfer points
  • big-bags loading
  • mixtures
  • screening machines
  • dosing devices etc.

Typical bulk solids

  • cement
  • grain
  • flour
  • sugar
  • fly ash
  • lime
  • dry mortar mixture




  • massive, cylinder shaped pressure-resistant body
  • JET-PULS recovery
  • low dust emission level
  • easy & fast exchange of each filter component


Additional accessories:

  • ATEX-version
  • non-standard temperature design -40/+150 C



TypeN1000N1000 VN1500N1500 V
Air volume (m3/h)1000100018001800
Filter area (m2)15152424
Fan-1,5 kW-2,2 kW
Power supply-400 V, 50 Hz-400 V, 50 Hz
Air tank230 V AC / 24 V DC
Filter medium, typecartridge
Filter medium, q-ty1 pc


Silo dust collector Silo dust collector

Silo dust collector Silo dust collector