Dust Collectors

Silo collector


Silo collector series N is primarily designed for dedusting of silos and bunkers that are used for the storage of bulk solids (cement, grain, ash, lime, clinker, food products etc.). 

Silo collectors for silo dust suppression are massive cylinder shaped pressure-resistant boxes. Silo venting filters are not equipped with a fan in the basic design.

Filter cartridges are recovered automatically and regularly by JET-PULS.

If the silo collector is not equipped with a fan, the filtered air goes through the hole between the mantle and its cover.


Silo Collector Silo Dust Collector  

Other dedusting applications could be as follows:
telescopic loading spouts 
transfer points
welding & brushing operations

TypeN1000N1000 VN1500N1500 V
Flow rate (m3/h)1000100018001800
Filter area (m2)15152424
Body diameter600
Fan (kW)-1,5-2,2
Filter elementcartridge, 1 pc
Filter element materialPES - polyester
PES A - antistatic polyester
PES PTFE - polyester with PTFE coating
PES A PTFE - antistatic polyester with PTFE coating
Temperature resistance (°C)+80 (higher temperature for extra costs)


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