Long distance power and media supply

Our company delivers tailor made designs and supplies directly to you and your machines.

Machines which travel on rails need to be supplied by one or more electro-cables, optical cables or hoses for liquid or gas.

Hennlich s.r.o., is a supplier of plastic energy chains manufactured by IGUS GmbH, Cologne. These energy chains have been proven to increase machine reliability, performance and the lifetime of all supplies placed on our energy chains.

Energy chains are used in dusty working environments, e.g. coal power plants, heating plants, energy works, big factories and so on. Companies which require permanent production are typical energy users.

Apart from the applications mentioned above we also provide solutions for less typical applications such as:
• cable supply for vertical movement (lifts, manipulators, cabins extensions etc.),
• cable supply for multi direction movement in open area (manipulators, robots etc.).

We always provide complete delivery. This means a tayloired solution to your existing situation - site survey, diassembly of old equipment, project design and technical documentation, material delivery and assembly including service.

Part of our know-how is a patented connection of the mechanism and the energy supply that eliminates special deviations in the mechanism‘s movement. Another option is installation of electronic protection of the energy supply against mechanical damage caused by external factors.

Please check our references and confirm our company‘s reliability and professionalism.    

We offer solutions to your work problems. We increase the reliability of your machines.