Fog cannons

GUN 30

Fog cannon GUN30


  • One stainless steel nozzle ring
  • Nozzles made of brass
  • Automatic horizontal oscillation 0-350°
  • Booster pump to control the correct working pressure
  • Pressure gauge
  • Water filter
  • Electric control panel
  • Protection against dry-run
  • Solid metallic cover against the components damage
  • Standard mount: skid mounted

Fog cannon GUN30 coal stockpile NOVA


  • Remote control (wireless, min. range 100 m)
  • Electrical vertical tilting (0-40°)
  • Wheeled trailer
  • Chemical additives for dust or odor suppression
  • Roadworthy trailer with the genset and water tank


  • throw (windless conditions): 20-30 mts
  • nozzles q-ty: 18 pcs
  • droplet size: 50-150 microns
  • fan: 4,0 kW
  • booster pump: 1,5 kW
  • power supply: 3 Phase, 400 V AC, 50 Hz
  • water consumption: 1500 l/h

Fog cannon GUN30 coal stockpile 1



What is the minimum amount of water pressure?
The minimum amount of water pressure to start the equipment is approx. 1,7 bar. 

What is the water consumption?
Fog cannon GUN30 needs 3000 litres per hour. Less consumption (< 1500 l/h) can be achieved if other mist nozzles are used.

What is the water connection?
You will need standard garden hose with G1 1/2" connection.

Can water from pond or lake be used?
Yes. Fog cannon is equipped with a water filter so non-potable water can be used. 
You will need to provide high pressure booster pump to get the water into the unit.

Can the carriage be used to move the unit?
Carriage is the perfect solution the move the wheeled cannon.
However, it cannot be used for highway transport.

How much does the fog cannon weight?
The cannon GUN30 weights 170 kgs without the trailer or 298 kgs with the trailer.

What is the noise level?
If you are standing 10m in front of the GUN30, noise level is 85 DBA.

What is the warranty?
We provide 24 months warranty from the putting the fog cannon into the operation. 
However, maximal warranty is 28 months from the shipment. 

What is the standard delivery time?
This unit is usually in stock. Standard production time is approx. 2-4 weeks.