Plant dedusting

A dedusting plant should always run clearly, and should always remove large amounts of residue from ladle furnaces, electric arc furnaces, sintering furnaces or vacuum furnaces. And it must always be running without disruptions caused by unfavorable events and factors, like the using unclean scrap during steel production.


To obtain favorable operating costs and high reliability you need the correct design. When the process parameters are cleanly adapted to eachother and the more intricate the design is created to the up-stream aggregate, the smoother the operation of the operation.

Maintenance is a key cost aspect for consideration. Low-maintenance, long-lasting components remove the vast majority of unplanned downtimes. Planned downtime for the dedusting plant should be carefully coordinated with the plant in its entirety in order to maintain the highest levels of total production.

Sensible investment is a necessary requirement of a dedusting plant. That's the reason why it's essential to be able to accommodate future expansion projects of production, without the need for high conversion and modification costs. With the same reasoning, you need to have a plant layout which allows for flexibility in the future.

The regular maintenance of your production equipment and facilities is a considerable cost factor for you. Unplanned downtime is avoidable.

The use of robust components, the correct design process and high-quality workmanship help to keep maintenance to the bare minimum. Proactive intervention is really important in the prevention of possible break-downs.

Competitive production requires high quality information processing. All production information has to be consolidated and compared with planning information to make sure the optimal production flow is kept. There are a number of other requirements which have to be met if you're modernizing or building a dedusting plant. Guaranteed completion by the agreed time and price framework is on of them. Also, fast attainment of the planned product qualities and production volumes is important. A reliable start-up is another key feature. An effective dedusting plant allows you to, once again, focus on the core of your business.


High-pressure misting system to decrease dust at material transportation places (conveyors, wagons unloading etc.).

Verdichten der übergeschitteten Stellen

Sealing of belt conveyors transfer points (impact and stabilizing beds, sealing system etc.).

Verstaubungslösungen der freigelegten Abladeplätze

Storing domes for bulk solids storage.

Polymerenapplikationen für Umweltschutz

Dust suppressant is a product that effectively decreases the dustiness on open piles or haul roads.