Plant dedusting

Dust suppressant

Polymerenapplikationen für Umweltschutz

Dust suppressant is a product that effectively eliminates unwanted fugitive dust from dirt roads, unpaved roads or stockpiles.

Basic information:

  • produced from food polymers (100% biodegradable)
  • available in powder form for easy transport and storage
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • applicable on any soil type
  • resistant to rain, snow and UV rays
  • easy application
  • after application the road is resistant to heavy truck traffic
  • product is non-corrosive and does not harm vehicles that use dust suppressant treated roads


  • open piles of bulk solids (f.e. coal, limestone, clinker etc.)
  • haul roads
  • municipal roads
  • secondary roads
  • mine roads
  • construction sites
  • parking lots
  • runways
  • erosion control of any soil type


All you need for effective application is a re-circulating pump or mixer and a water tank or cistern. For an area of 10 m2 you would need 0,75 kg of product in powder form and approximately 19 litres of water. Fill the water tank with water, add the product in powder form, then start the mixing process (it will last appr. 5 minutes). Apply the final product to the area either by a Hennlich fog cannon or cistern.


Product effectivity:
A typical application will last approximately 2-3 months or longer. There are some parametres that can affect the the products longevity:

  • ratio of mixing
  • soil type
  • type and frequency of transport

Other uses:

  • removal of unwanted smells from drains, pond, lagoons and waste water treatment systems
  • reduce, remove and prevent algae from forming in ponds, lagoons, and other
  • bodies of water 
  • it does not just mask the odor, it attacks the source and eliminates the problem 
Before applicationAfter application