Plant dedusting

High-pressure misting systems


A decrease in dust at transfer points or where material is unloaded can be achieved by installing one of our high-pressure misting systems. Misting is automated and can be controlled from the main control room. Only the line where the material is transported is misted.

High-pressure misting systems ensure the most efficient dust suppression while consuming as little water as possible as well as not increasing the moisture of the material. Demineralized or cooling water is the best medium for misting.

A compatible high-pressure station VMJ „High-pressure Mini Jet“ is used for misting. This high-pressure station changes the physical properties of the material and has an automatic fine water filtration system.

The controls for the misting equipment come with a touch screen, have visuals for specific controls and machine history in the terminal-box of VMJ. The control system can communicate with a main system.