Plant dedusting

Storing domes

Verstaubungslösungen der freigelegten Abladeplätze

Our company provides for dust suppression of open piles with reinforced concrete storing domes.

Concrete storing domes

5cm of vethane foam eliminates humidity inside the dome.

The exterior layer of the dome consists of a PVC that serves as a frame for foam and shotcrete. The membrane assures construction tightness.

Cost effective:
The dome is one of most cost effective storing systems available. Domes are the most competitive solution for the storage of large volumes of bulk solids. Operation, energy and maintenance costs are kept at a minimum.

The inside of the dome is made of PVC foil. The dome is filled with air. Once inflated the dome is made ready for storage keeping your material protected from rain, wind or daylight. No frame is necessary.

Bulk solids enter the dome through openings placed in the roof. An automatic unloading system is located in the bottom part of the dome. The material is unloaded by a screw or vibration system.

Construction resistance:
For centuries the sphere has been considered to be the thoughest structure. Dome shape is suitable for seismical regions or high wind areas.

Industrial and Agricultural using:

ashnickel and copper concentrates

Advantages of domes:

  • long service life (more than 50 years)
  • fast building-up
  • ecology of operations (dust is inside the dome)
  • decrease of material losses that can occur due to the climatic conditions
  • minimum maintenance costs
  • big storing capacity at a small area
  • resistance against climatic conditions (wind, eartquake etc.)

Other using:

  • sport and entertainment complexes, swimming pools, hockey arenas, ski centres etc.
  • schools, hotels
  • churches, mosques
  • conference rooms
  • aircraft hangars, shelters

Shapes and Sizes:
Traditional half spheres may have diameter from 6m till 85m. The most common shapes are hemispherical but we can supply you also hemicylindrical shape.

Once the dome gets its final tightness, it is possible to make any opening. We can make skylights, doors, etc.


We can provide any colour on your request.

Should you have any questions or querries, do not hesitate to contact us!