Plant dedusting

Transfer point sealing

Verdichten der übergeschitteten Stellen

When bulk material moves on a belt conveyor the dust usually spreads around the conveyor. This primarily happens at transfer points between two conveyors or at places where the material is shaken.

More demanding requirements for environmentally-friendly plant operation bring up the question of how to minimize/eliminate dust during belt conveyor operation. We deliver and install a complete system which strongly reduces dust on belt conveyors.

These system includes following items:
• Impact bed
• Stabilizing bed
• Side sealing

Impact bed
A customized impact bed is placed at the bulk material drop belt area instead of conventional drop rollers. Its shape precisely copies the transport belt shape and gives it perfect sliding support for the whole width of the belt. The belt neither folds nor shakes. Belt and roller damage is eliminated and an efficient side sealing performance is guaranteed.

Stabilizing bed
Stabilizing bed is placed to area behind the impact bed aside from falling bulk material. It serves for transport belt stabilizing.

Side sealing
Side sealing is single-stage or multi-stage, it is placed outside the side belt guidance board. The first sealing stage is provided by firm flat band made from special wear resistant rubber. The second and other sealing stages are from original rubber profile, which automatically adjusts wear due to own elasticity and shapes to belt profile, so that perfect sealing without any gaps is ensured under any circumstances.