Rotary atomiser

Mobile rotary atomiser

Mobile atomiser

The Rotary Atomiser Mobile is designed to provide excellent coverage in order to achieve odour control and/or dust suppression in both outdoor and indoor environments. 

Highly mobile, it can be moved to various locations quickly and is the ideal solution to variable, localised and emergency odour or dust problems.

The Rotary Atomiser Mobile is compact, sturdy, powerful and designed for frequent use, in the harshest of environments. It is supplied with the robust trailer, integrated water tank and external generator (per request). 

How it works

The Rotary Atomiser uses rotary centrifugal energy to force liquid into a finely-atomised-mist, which is projected forward by a fan at the back of the unit.

Technical features

  • Throw: do 20 m
  • Horizontal Oscillation: these units do not oscillate°
  • Water consumption: max. 3 l/min
  • Air volume: 3000 m3/h
  • Droplet size: 40-70 microns
  • Noise: 78 dBA (3 m)
  • Tank volume: 1125-2000 l
  • Generator: 5,5 kW

    Mobile Rotary Atomiser


  • highly mobile
  • integrated water tank providing a full day´s operation before refilling
  • low maintenance
  • low operation costs
  • could be supplied with dust and odour additives

Mobile misting system