Rotary atomiser

Stationary rotary atomiser

Stationary atomiser

The Rotary Atomiser is a highly powerful system for odour and dust control.

It is available in wall or ceiling mounted form and is designed to provide excellent coverage for odour control and/or dust suppression in both outdoor and indoor environments.  

Rotary atomizer for odour and dust controlCeiling mounted rotary atomiser

How it works

The Rotary Atomiser uses rotary centrifugal energy to force liquid into a finely-atomised-mist, which is projected forward by a fan at the back of the unit. It can be set to produce a variety of different droplet sizes allowing it to be adjusted to suit each individual need, achieving the optimal droplet size to tackle the particular odour and/or dust problém. 

Technical features

  • Throw: up to 20 m
  • Horizontal Oscillation: max. 350°
  • Water consumption: max. 3 l/min
  • Air volume: 3000 m3/h
  • Droplet size: 40-70 microns
  • Noise: 78 dBA (3 m) 


  • low maintenance
  • covers large areas and project long distances
  • fully adjustable flow rates to suit application 
  • highly energy efficient
  • could be supplied with the odour and dust additives

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