SEL - Engine change system

HENNLICH ENGINEERING designs and delivers unique engine change system

Smart system for engine change

Our lifting device for the fast and save engine change is a four column electromechanical 3D machine that allows for lifting and precision positioning on three axes.
This engine change system has been developed in order to minimize the time needed for the engine change and therefore to decrease the maintenance time.

We save your money!

Engine change system Engine change system


Our engine lifting equipment has possible use for:

  • Engine assembly
  • Pylon assembly
  • Fan coil assembly
  • Landing gear assembly
  • Case assembly
  • Other assemblies where precision is a must

Suitable use for:

  • Airbus S.A.S.
  • Embraer
  • Sukhoi Civil Aircraft
  • The Boeing Company
  • Irkutsk Aviation Plant

Engine change system advantages:

  • Operational precision and repeatability
    Every lift pillar executes its movements with three servo-driven gear
    motors allowing our stroke measurement system the highest precision and
    repeatability in operation.
  • No risk of leaking
    Due to the elimination of any hydraulic component there is no risk of leaking or
    oil spills during operation or transport making our lift environmentally friendly.
  • Precise preload monitoring
    Measuring devices in every lift pillar allows for the precise monitoring of loads
    including the checking of preload requirements during the installation proces.
  • Highly flexible
    The lift has lateral and longitudinal movement capabilities as well as a wide
    range of angular adjustments. This provides you with the highest fl exibility
    when removing or installing an airplane engine.
  • No problem with uneven floors
    Our lift can be used on an uneven floor.


Technical specification

  • Safe Working Load: 6.500 kg / 14.326 lbs
  • Vertical Lift: 1.100 mm / 43,3“ at 0,1 - 10 mm/s
  • Lateral movement +/- 180 mm / 7,11” at 0,1 - 5 mm/s
  • Longitudinal movement +/- 180 mm / 7,11” at 0,1 - 5 mm/s
  • Angular adjustment:
    +/- 5° ~ vertical axis (rot ‘z’)
    +/- 6° ~ lateral axis (rot ‘y’)
    +/- 6° ~ longitudinal axis (rot ‘x’)
  • Electric power supply: 3-phase 400 VAC


Smart system for engine change