Telescopic loading spouts

HENNLICH ENGINEERING is the leading manufacturer of telescopic loading spouts - we have been producing them since 1996. 

Our bulk loading spouts eliminate dust, eradicate material losses and increase safety when working with bulk solids.

We design, manufacture and deliver telescopic loading spouts for dust-free loading of bulk solids into tankers, railcars, trucks, ships and stockpiles. Customized bulk loading system for your needs.

Bulk loading system         

Loading bellows benefits

  • fast return on investment
  • avoidance of penalties imposed by authorities for dust
  • cleaner environment
  • eradication of material losses
  • control of dust pollution
  • increased safety
  • price you can afford

We offer the following types of telescopic loading spouts to suit your needs:



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Tanker Loading Spout

Tanker loading spout for dust-free loading of silo vehicles, containers and closed railcars!

Truck/Railcar Loading Spout

Telescopic loading spout to load dry and dusty products on trucks and railcars.

Stockpile Loading Spout

Telescopic loading spout for dust-free loading of bulk solids and minerals on stockpiles!

Ship loading spout

Telescopic loading spout for high efficiency loading of bulk solids into the ships!

Cascade telescopic loading chute

Cascade chutes for reducing dust emissions in silo and storage operations as well as in shiploading. Innovative flow control technology.


Telescopic loading spouts to load both open trucks & railcars and closed tankers.


We offer spares for telescopic loading spouts HENNLICH and also our competitors!