Ship loading spouts

The Shiploader telescopic loading spout allows high-capacity ship loading.

Loading spout can load cargo into large cargo holds in sea and river ships evenly and in a relatively short time.
The loading spout for ship loading increases cargo capacity, saving money for the port and ship operators.

Ship loading spouts are designed for the most demanding operations at sea terminals. Therefore the robust construction and high reliability is necessary.

Ship loading equipment



  • max. flow rate: 4000 m3/h (based on the model)
  • level switch: rotary / tilt
  • operating conditions: -20/+80°C (other per request)
  • loading conduit: tubes/single bellows, tubes

Shiploading ash Tractabel  


  • electric control box (plastic or stainless steel)
  • pivot gimbals (movable in one or two axis)
  • protection cages
  • load cells to control the spout would not be overloaded
  • ATEX design


We offer two types of shiploaders:

  • 1. with distribution trimmer shovel
    angle of rotation up to 350°
    available also with tilting mechanism
  • 2. with dustproof bell and rubber skirt

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